The new full-LED tail light customizable by HELLA

The lighting and electronics expert is launching these new 24 V-powered headlights on the market, especially for trucks and trailers. With this light, HELLA offers a new modular concept.

The LED light curtain, patented by HELLA, which can generate the rear reflector function, can for the first time be customized using graphic details such as dots, stripes and shapes. “This draws attention to the tail light, highlighting the manufacturers’ distinctive features on the road. In this way, trucks and trailers become unique,” says Georg Fink, Sales Manager for Trailers at HELLA. “Exclusive light profiles are becoming increasingly important to stand out from the competition, and this proves true not only for passenger car manufacturers, but also for truck and trailer manufacturers,” – he adds.

In addition, manufacturers are free to choose the color of the headlight backbone to match those of their brand. “The outer lens is available in transparent red or clear versions, so that the interior design can also be appreciated from the outside,” Fink explains. As an additional customization, manufacturers can choose between a traditional type of turn signal or the dynamic variant.

In addition to the customization options, HELLA has further developed the LED light curtain technology in its own centers. The result is a more homogeneous appearance of the taillight because it does not require separate optics. With a surface area of 144 square centimeters, the LED light curtain is at least twice as large as previous models. As a result, the taillight is always visible even in low light or foggy situations, even from a great distance.

With a depth of only 55.5 mm, the full-LED rear light has technical features that make it ideal for future use. Thanks to the provisions on the body of the light, it will be possible to insert ultrasonic sensors on both sides in order to allow parking assistance. In addition, the taillight integrates the flashing side marker light control system, the turn signal malfunction control system and the load simulation designed to monitor the stop lights and turn signals. This eliminates the need for additional electronic control units and wiring, reducing the cost of the application.

The two colored clear outer lenses are made of impact resistant polycarbonate and bonded to the body of the light. The light has an IP 6K9K rating, making it not only dustproof but also resistant to high-pressure water washdown. The light complies with the automotive standard ISO 26262, and is available with or without a side marker light made of rubber. As a standard interface to the vehicle, it has a 7-pin DIN center connector and 2-pin AMP SUPERSEAL connectors for auxiliary lighting functions.