Euroveicoli receives the Cribis Prime Company

The CRIBIS Prime Company is a very valuable recognition given that each year it is awarded to only  7% of the more than 6 million Italian companies.

CRIBIS D&B attributes this recognition using the CRIBIS D&B Rating, a synthetic indicator that, on the basis of a statistical algorithm, measures the probability of a company generating serious commercial insolvencies. Numerous variables are used for the calculation, including personal information, indexes and balance sheet data, company seniority, payment experience and the presence of negative information.

The CRIBIS Prime Company recognition is therefore the highest level of evaluation of the commercial reliability of an organization and is issued only and exclusively to companies that consistently maintain a high economic and commercial reliability and are virtuous in their payments to suppliers.

This important recognition is the confirmation of the level of economic and commercial solidity of EUROVEICOLI SPA and a guarantee for all the companies that have chosen EUROVEICOLI SPA as their commercial partner.